Thursday, September 6, 2007

Commercial for Ford s-max

Agency: Ogilvy, London
Creatives: Paul Diver, Alan Morrice
Production: Rattling Stick, London
Director: Daniel Kleinman
Editor: Steve Gandolfi
Post Production: Framestore CFC, London
While the new generation Ford Galaxy takes the attributes of flexibility, spaciousness, and safe and comfortable driving to new levels, the Ford S-MAX takes Ford into a new market sector.

Both models have been designed and developed in-house by Ford of Europe, and will be built at the company’s Genk Assembly Plant in Belgium. For the Galaxy, this marks a major departure from the previous joint-venture model.

Both vehicles are also significant in being the first to enter volume production with elements of the company’s new ´kinetic design´ styling. First seen last year in the striking Ford iosis concept car, this creative new form language expresses energy in motion, and this is certainly true for the distinctive shapes in the bold body forms of Ford Galaxy and Ford S-MAX.

While the new Galaxy generation adds a dynamic angle to the vehicle’s space credentials, the crossover S-MAX clearly expresses more sporty ambitions.

The family face of both vehicles shows their obvious relation, yet the only common parts in the S-MAX’s and Galaxy’s external body panels are the head lights and the front bonnet. They really are two distinctly different vehicles – the Ford S-MAX roof height is about one hand width lower than the Galaxy’s (1607mm v 1676mm). All other body panels, as well as doors and glass, are individual. Thus, each vehicle’s distinguished design style expresses its particular character.

Ad's ok, something about the music thats addictive

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