Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Peugeot RCZ experiment with Google stree view

Social ads: Pedestrian ghost

Creative Director: Vladislava Denis
Art Director: Denys Savchenko
Copywriter: Anna Geraskina
Producer: Natalya Pavlova

Operator: Stas Bespolit
Announcer: Jon Poser

Executive Producer: Alexander Cherniavsky
Producer: Boris Kirichek
Model maker: Valeriy Pritihenko

Kiev Postproduction
General Producer: Sergey Kolesnik
Producer: Vladimir Piven
Sound Producer: Vladimir Chikish
Music Composer: Anton Denisov
Sound Mixer: Sergey Parigin
Designer: Artyom Ryabokon

Digital support:
Alexander Mozhaev
Yuriy Shyshkovsky
Sergey Taranenko

Brand manager: Alla Antonyuk

Thanks to: Volodymyr Voyt, Beastie Boys

During the Halloween team JWT and Shell held a rally, which was designed in an unusual way to draw the attention of drivers to comply with normal traffic (speeding and pedestrian safety), as well as to make think about the consequences.

We've created a mechanism Pedestrian Ghost, who one night found a hatch straight road at a crosswalk (Boulevard Lepse, Kiev). The mechanism was connected to the radar and operates at excessive speed approaching vehicle. Discouraged at the sight of the driver takes to the sky is not the pedestrian, not the ghost could do nothing except slow down and rethink their behavior on the road.

The next day, the Internet emerged a controversial video footage, which took off in an unknown driver avtoregistrator:

During the first three weeks of the video broke all performance views, widely spread among the Internet, it drank all the Forums in Ukraine (and later Russia, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries), profile avtogruppy in social networks. It also appeared on many sites that discuss rules SDA. Videos triggered a powerful wave of discussions of the issue of road safety that has not yet been able to do even openly provocative video-clip, and it became a "video of the week."
- Total video that was attended by over 200 000 hits (70 000 - only YouTube).
- The real coverage - two million users.
- Attracted more than 500 commentators, causing heated discussion about speeding driver and pedestrian safety.
- Unpredictable amount of feedback, approx. 80% of which as a result of reduced to the solution of our problem: can not exceed the speed limit, you must be careful on the roads, especially at night and, of course, slow down before pedestrian crossings, so as not to send to heaven someone's soul.

It would be worthwhile to note that the CIS in the highest percentage of deaths among pedestrians: they accounted for 37% of all road fatalities. But the highest rates in the region in this category at this in Ukraine - 56%. And then in Kiev, the most common types are avtoproisshestvy assaults on pedestrians and vehicle collisions.

Friday, October 7, 2011


NY, LA, SF – (October 6, 2011) – Led by Creative Directors Nate Robinson and Andrew Sinagra, the creative team at Ntropic produced an incredibly poignant and timely “visual metaphor” for the latest spot from Bank of New York Mellon entitled “House of Cards.” Collaborating closely with ad agency The Concept Farm for a second year in a row on advertising for the global financial services company, the moving new commercial features live-action, CGI, visual effects, compositing, color grading and final conform by Ntropic and is currently airing nationwide.

For Ntropic, having just launched their New York office this summer, this project was a great opportunity to utilize artists and technology in all three offices: Manhattan, Santa Monica and San Francisco. As CD Andrew Sinagra explains, while the live-action shoot of the beautiful Craftsman-style house prominently featured in the spot was shot in Malibu, the edit and coloring was completed in Ntropic’s New York office. We flew our colorist Marshall Plante to New York to work closely with the agency and client, since they were based there, which was really great. We then created the CGI in L.A., with original music and final Flame compositing completed in San Francisco. It was a true team effort at Ntropic, which is how we like to work.

The collaboration on this project with the agency and client began early on for this project as well, adds Sinagra. There isnt a lot of work out there these days with this level of visual metaphor in it. So when Nate and I saw the boards and read the brief, we jumped on it. It was very inspirational. We knew this was going to be a beautiful piece, and were so happy they asked us to contribute our talents again this year.

Nate and Andrew are artists who can make a disaster look gorgeous,notes Ray Mendez, ECD, The Concept Farm.

The Ntropic teams process and scientific approach to the art of how the cards fell was very impressive, adds Carey Cwieka, Director of Account Management, The Concept Farm. They are a talented group that delivered a final product which our clients are very proud of.

Client: Bank of New York Mellon
Spot Title: House of Cards :30 HD/SD spot
Airdate: September 2011

Advertising Agency: The Concept Farm
Creative Director: Bob Waldner
Copywriter: Tyler Kirsch
Art Director: Rob Singh
Director of Post: Mike McCall
Account Director: Carey Cwieka

Production Company: Ntropic
Directors: Robinson + Sinagra
Executive Producer: Jim Riche
DP: Simon Thirlaway

Editorial Company: Ntropic
Editor: Dan Korb

Postproduction Company: Ntropic
Colorist: Marshall Plante

Visual Effects Company: Ntropic
Creative Directors: Nate Robinson, Andrew Sinagra
Flame Artist: Maya Korenwasser Bello
Head of CG: Andrew Sinagra
CG Artists: Rob Hubbard, Dustin Zachary, Kenny Jackson
Producer: Kara Holmstrom

Music Production Company: Creature Symphony
Composers: Aaron Robinson, Sean Gordon

About Ntropic:
Ntropic draws its strength from a diverse background of creative talent. Assembling a global community of artists in multiple locations, the studio has built a creative collective with strengths in all facets of production and post-production ranging from conceptual design and motion graphics to photo-real CG and seamless compositing. Ntropic focuses on elegant, intelligent, and conceptual visual effects producing award-winning work for commercials, music videos, feature films, experiential theaters, and interactive content.

As industry mediums rapidly change, Ntropic maintains a foothold on the bleeding edge of technology... leading the charge into a new era of entertainment media. The studio removes the mystery from the black box of technology and operates as a creative hub for directors and agencies to converge and collaborate without limitation.

Ntropics creative directors thrive on the unique challenges of production and work closely with the creative team to concept, visualize, and realize their artistic vision. Offering innovative solutions for otherwise impossible tasks, Ntropic inspires artists and filmmakers to expand the horizons of possibility.

The studios objective is to create an inspirational environment for artists and clients to come together and not worry about the how, but stay focused on creating the most fascinating and innovative work to date.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer Time is Pepsi Time: Santa Dancing

Pepsi vs Coca-Cola

Pepsi Cola - 36/12 oz. cans

T-Mobile PLAYING Angry Birds Live

For the first time ever, watch how people use a simple smartphone to play a life-size version of the cult Angry Birds game. Complete with real shooting birds and exploding pigs!

Angry Birds 5" Plush Red Bird with Sound

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