Thursday, October 23, 2008

PlayStation 3/Motorstorm 2: Air Raid

The bold, eye-popping ad was shot on location at the Salton Sea, where stunt drivers/fliers were dropped from real airplanes, with sky-diving cameramen capturing the action.

"Our mission was to synchronize the sky-divers and their drops so they would appear closer together than was the case in camera," explained Executive Producer Baptiste Andrieux of Eight VFX, which previously collaborated with Obermeyer on 2007's Bank of America "Hiker". "To do so practically would have taken the stunts to an impractical level."

Of course, "Air Raid" is an ad for PS3's Motorstorm 2, and as such it needed to convey a sense of the impractical while maintaining the visual authenticity of stunts executed by some of the best sky-divers in the world. To heighten the drama (no pun intended), Eight VFX created CG envinronments, airplanes, motor vehicles, and jumpers to populate the shots on top of the live action stuntmen.

"When we took this on, we said we'd be happy if this played as something that looks completely real but feels like it could and should only happen in a videogame," said Andrieux. "Watching the spot unfold, I think we succeeded."

Client: PlayStation 3/Motorstorm 2
Title: "Air Raid"

Airdate: 10/17/08

Agency: Deutsch
Production: Aero Films
Director: Klaus Obermeyer
EP: Lance O'Connor

Post/VFX: Eight VFX
VFX Supervisor: Jean-Marc Demmer
VFX EP: Baptiste Andrieux
VFX Producer: Marsi Frey
VFX AD: Yann Mallard
Head of CG: Fred Hopp
Animator: Yvain Gnabro
CG artists: Shuichi Nakahara, Mathias Jourdes, Chien-I Kao, Julien Forest
Compositors: Nicolas Cadorette Vigneau, Joe Chiao

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