Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Ad Campaign: Dove Chocolate (Pam Nesia & Em Ocean)
Women have always had a special relationship with chocolate, but the girls take it up a notch in this campaign to launch DOVE chocolate in new individually wrapped pieces from CumminsNitro Melbourne. Director James Pilkington at The Sweetshop Auckland introduces us to the DOVE Individuals. Two slightly neurotic girls with a chocolate obsession. There’s Em Ocean. She only ever eats chocolate when she’s feeling emotional. However, if she doesn’t have a reason to be emotional, she’ll create one. And Pam Nesia. Pam eats chocolate to help her forget her troubles. The problem is, it actually erases her memory.
Product : Dove Chocolate
Agency : CumminsNitro, Melbourne
DoP: Ian McCarroll
Executive Creative Director: SEAN CUMMINS
Copywriter: Matthew Page
Art Director: Carolyn Davis
Agency Producer: Jill Wheeler
Director : James Pilkington
Prod. Co. : The Sweet Shop NZ
Country : Australia

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