Friday, July 13, 2007

Coca-Cola: Inside the Happiness Factory (video)

Inside the Happiness Factory
Advertiser: The Coca-Cola Company
Global Chief Creative Officer: Esther Lee
Group Director of Film and Music Production: Nick Felder
Wieden + Kennedy
Exec Creative Director: Al Moseley, John Norman
Creative Directors: Rick Condos & Hunter Hindman
Art Director: Barney Hobson
Copywriter: Rick Chant
Executive Producer: Tom Dunlap
Producer: Sandy Reay

Directors: Todd Mueller and Kylie Matulick
Audio Interview Directors: Todd Mueller, Psyop & Wayne Waterson, Dab Hand Media
Executive Producers: Justin Booth-Clibborn and Boo Wong
Audio Interview Producers: Paul Middlemiss, Psyop & Luke Beauchamp, Dab Hand Media
Live Action Producer: Paul Middlemiss
Producer: Mariya Shikher
Coordinator: Tarun Charaipotra
Editors: Brett Nicoletti, Cass Vanini, and Brett Goldberg
Storyboard Artist: Ben Chan
Animation Director: Nicholas Weigel
Lead TD: David Chontos
Animators: Pat Porter, Jeff Lopez, Aja Bogdanoff, Henning Koscy, Michael Taylor, Gordana Fersini, Chris Cauffield, Dovi Anderson, Simon Allen, Aaron Koressel, Raquel Coelho, Ryan Gong
Rigging: Tony Barbieri and Gooshun Wang
Modeling/Texturing: Anthony Patti, Stanley Ilin, Yaron Canetti, Sheng-Fang Chen
Lighting: Saira Matthew, Brian Drucker, Michael Marsek
FX: Reeves Blakeslee, Clay Budin, Damon Ciarelli, Dylan Maxwell, Pete Hamilton, Jed Mitchell
Compositing: Theo Maniatis, Jason Conradt, Molly Schwartz, Matt St. Leger, Stefania Gallico

Voiceover Cast

The Hart Brothers: Don Brown
The Hart Brothers: Eddie Mollohan
Shetty Drinkbox: Kenyatta Manning
Fred: Grant Dubois
Dirk Rutgers: Willis Lowe
Chu Chu Chutney: Marcelo Silvabo
Depak Cola: Prashanthi Jella
Chiku: Annie Anderson
Bon Bon: Michele Facey
Phoenix: Diane Trapp
Bubbles: Flor Gaytan
Captain: Richard Hunter
Wendy: Elizabeth Laime
Bobby: Stephen Ruddy
Muffin: Jessica Allen
Jimmy Sparx: Stephen Ruddy
Larry: Russell Gerard

Post Production: Joint Amsterdam
Music: Human
Sound Design: Amber Music
Sound Designer: Bill Chesley
Senior Producer: Kate Gibson
ECO: Michelle Curran
Mixed at: audioEngine in 7.1 surround sound
Mixer: Rex Recker
Mixer's assistant: Sam Shaffer
Executive Producer: Gloria Pitagorsky

The Brief:
The World of Coke-Inside the Happiness Factory.

Wieden+Kennedy/Amsterdam and Psyop give us a behind-the-scenes peek at the Happiness Factory. Real Coca-Cola employees were interviewed and their responses used by the animated factory workers for this film, which is running in Atlanta's World of Coca-Cola.

About PSYOP:
" Is it possible for these guys to do one thing that doesn't amaze the hel

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