Thursday, March 23, 2017

10 interesting facts that you didn’t know about Durex Jeans - new Durex commercial

Condom manufacturer Durex stirred up the Indian web this morning with a tweet announcing its entry into a new product category — denim jeans.

Yes, you read that right. #DurexJeans is now a thing.

10. The Asian jeans will also be known as Pencil fit jeans

9. It comes in different colours like Green Apple , Strawberry Red, Chocolate Brown among others

8. In case of emergency you can buy Durex Jeans in 24-hour medical stores

7. Durex Endurance Jeans will help improve your stamina – you won’t feel tired all day

6. Vibrating denims will help you lose weight

5. You can buy a pack of 3 Durex denims for just Rs. 3,500

4. In rural areas, Durex will launch a sub-brand called “Chhatri Jeans”

3. Durex will also introduce doted and extra dotted denims

2. Ultra Thin jeans will make you feel light, like you are not wearing it

1. All denims will be rain proof

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