Thursday, June 7, 2007

New London 2012 Brand (video)

London 2012 logo
New London 2012 Brand

The video clip is a combination of effects. A diver plunges into a pool is part of the campaign to promote the jagged Olympic logo. A graffiti-like number 2012, blown up, is also included in the logo, and ranges in colors that include hot pink and electric blue.

The concerns were directed at a four-second piece of animation that flashes the logo, and began when the logo was launched on Monday and recorded by broadcasters. A London 2012 spokeswoman, who was not named, emphasized that it wasn't the actual logo itself, but the animation that caused the concern.

"This concerns a short piece of animation which we used as part of the logo launch event and not the actual logo. It was a diver diving into a pool which had multi-color ripple effects," the spokeswoman said, according to Reuters.

Many had different reactions to the emblem. Critics called the logo "hideous." At the same time, organizers said it was modern yet powerful.

Professor Graham Harding is an expert in clinical neuro-physiology who has developed a test that is used to measure photo-sensitivity levels in animated TV material. His comments were the cause of the clips removal.

"The logo should not be shown on TV at all at the moment," Harding was reported as saying, according to Reuters. "It fails Harding FPA machine test which is the machine the television industry uses to test images."

He also said that regulatory guidelines were not followed with showing the footage.

Charity Epilepsy Action has said that people have been reporting having seizures while watching the clip, and the BBC reported on their website that a listener called in to say that his girlfriend and himself had suffered seizures while watching it.

originally reported by Reuters, "London 2012 logo footage withdrawn amid epilepsy fears"

Everyone's London 2012

UPDATE: This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Limited

But we have BBC News London 2012 (4th June 2007)

London 2012's new brand and vision were launched by Sebastian Coe and London 2012 ambassadors.
Here is the essence of this fabulous symbol

Montage of British Olympic clips used to promote the winning bid for London 2012.

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