Sunday, May 6, 2007

Never Hide - Ray-Ban (video)

Advertising Agency: TBWA/Chait/Day, Cutwater, USA
Broadcast producer: Jennifer Golub
Creative director: Chuck McBride
Production company: HSI
Director: Michael Haussman
Head of production: Michael McQuhae
Director of photography: Paul Cameron
Effects & On-line facility: The Syndicate
VFX supervisor: Les Umberger
VFX producer: Kim Evans
Flame artists: Les Umberger, Kevin Prendiville, Verdi Sevenhuysen
Roto: Mike Ek
Colorist: Beau Leon
Executive producer: Kenny Solomon
Editorial services: Plank
Editor: Cathy Bull
Music: Lime
Released: May 2007



  1. Hey! Ray-Ban has a new video out! You should check it out! Its pretty cool to watch!

    Never pretend.
    Never be afraid.
    Never give up.
    Never Hide.
    Now playing near you
    The first among many.

  2. can someone tell me name of the song, artist and album of the music in the background for this ad?

  3. Ben Kweller
    Make it up
    Album sha sha


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