Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Google Video Ads

The scope of advertising just got a further boost with Google making more in-roads possible for big time advertisers making use of Google video ads. A recent announcement by Google declares that the search engine has made organized the play video for effective use of money spent on marketing through visual media more worthwhile; with Google videos now coming with a Google Video Store model that it has now started using. Google video ads have a major share in the online marketing segment and its click-to-play category of video ads form a substantial chunk of the site’s AdWords content network; thus, what the site has given the online media industry is Adwords videos in plentiful now.

In its latest launch declaration, Google video ads were extended towards all those advertisers of AdWords conducting business in the US, Canada and Japan with further expansion plans to include the rest of the world. Apart from the common advertising options in Google AdWords, like the click-to-play Google video ads, there will be the factor of competition from AdSense and other advertising segments for placement on these sites. For all advertisers that have invested in marketing of their products by running simple text link or image ads, the response of viewers towards Google video ads has been instantaneously powerful, video being a visual and more captivating medium. Thus, Google video ads are now all set to raise the outreach of online publishers and advertisers alike.

The click-to-play variety of Google video ads is expected to be targeted by keyword, like the normal Google AdSense system, or possibly through the Google site targeting system; this factor depends largely on the sum that the advertiser pays. Recently in the news at a large press conference held in New York, Google spokespersons made the channel’s intention on making video available for advertisers choosing their site option for targeting traffic and potential online consumers. Google video ads were pitched to being Google’s biggest move so far into the rapidly developing field of brand advertising, and the site representative further added that Google would possible even allow publishers to use its AdSense network to display targeted video ads. These advertising spots, Google video ads representative’s claimed, can be for as long as two minutes with the site only charging the Google video ads producers if a web user clicks through to an advertiser’s website. Those businesses interested in making online marketing pitches have the option from Google video ads publishers to pay per 1,000 impressions. Thus, this comes as a welcome break for all local advertisers who mostly rely on commercial spots on television or radio and have yet to explore the full reach of search engine marketing using keyword correlation strategies, that has come up in a big way, thanks to sites like Google opening more possibilities for them. This is especially true of Google video ads that are in the category of click-to-play, which can be either targeting to one particular geographical region or targeting towards an entire nation or just at a local level for more specific target audience reach.

By: John Cecil

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