Friday, February 9, 2007

Super Bowl Top 5

No one could be more disappointed right now than an ad guy living in Chicago. I don't know which had a worse showing, the Chicago Bears or the commercials. The biggest problem with most of the Super Bowl commercials was simply they weren't Super Bowl Commercials. I felt like I was watching ads from Malcolm in the Middle reruns (with slightly bigger budgets). Are we just getting lazy? Is the TV spot really dying? Are clients just willing to throw money away these days? And what was with all the ads we had all already seen? My top 5 list was painfully difficult to put together. After the first three, it's really just choosing from a sea of mediocrity. So, here's my Super Bowl ads-that-barely-made-my-top-five list.

Again, Emarald Nuts comes out strong with some bizarre, random funny. Goulet brings enough awkward celebrity power to make this spot stand out among the scabs.

If you were at a crowded bar with people screaming at Rex Grossman, you might have missed this one. This spot lacks all traditional elements of a Super Bowl ad but it's funny, smart and actually does a good job if selling the FedEx service, which is just a bonus when it comes to Super Bowl ads. Everyone knows you don't really have to sell anything. Right, Bud Light?

This spot got a lot of buzz before the game and rightly so. K-fed deserves big ups for not taking himself too seriously and Nationwide gets props for capitalizing on a celebrity's personal and professional demise with amazing timing.

This ad makes number four because it's outrageous, stupid and way over-the-top. And isn't that what a Super Bowl ad is all about? At least someone was trying.

Overall this campaign fell flat, but out of the three Career Builder commercials, this one had a few moments of promise. But where's the kicker? You know, it was either this or the E Trade "One Finger" spot. Either way, your left feeling unfulfilled and cold inside your heart. Or maybe that's just me.

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