Thursday, January 25, 2007

Top 25 management concepts

Bain & Company began a research project in 1993 which spanned 12 years, consisting of 10 surveys and 7,283 participants in over 70 countries. The objective was to gather facts about the tools managers around the world use, and the trends that the respondents saw impacting their businesses in the years ahead.

Bain’s objectives were:

1) To provide managers with information they need to identify and integrate tools that will improve bottom-line results

2) To understand how global executives view their strategic challenges and priorities

The latest survey focused on 25 of the most popular management tools and techniques. This is an excellent list of the top 25 concepts that management consultants should be conversant in.

1. Activity-Based Management
2. Balanced Scorecard
3. Benchmarkng
4. Business Process Reengineering
5. Change Management Programs
6. Core Competences
7. Customer Relationship Management
8. Customer Segmentation
9. Economic Value-Added Analyses
10. Growth Strategies
11. Knowledge Management
12. Loyalty Management
13. Mass Customization
14. Mission and Vision Statements
15. Offshoring
16. Open-Market innovation
17. Outsourcing
18. Price Optimization Models
19. RFID
20. Scenario and Contingency Planning
21. Six Sigma
22. Strategic Alliances
23. Strategic Planning
24. Supply Chain Management
25. Total Quality Management

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